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How VIP statuses work on online casinos?

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Getting a VIP status for your favourite online casino is no easy task to be honest. Being a VIP player usually means that you’ve lost enough money to be considered as a “whale”. This might sound a bit harsh, but it’s the reality, and most of these VIP players also know that. Being  VIP casino player usually means that you have added benefits on your account, such as:

  • Bigger bonuses
  • VIP account manager
  • Exclusive trips to sporting events
  • Lower wagering requirements

Getting the famous VIP status differs between casino’s, but the principles are usually the same – play a lot and be loyal, and you shall be rewarded. Some sites even have public VIP programs where you can track your progress and earn points as you go. Usually VIP’s become VIP’s by receiving personalised invitations from the site’s key account manager. If only a few more spins is what is keeping you from watching the Manchester derby from a VIP box – then what are you waiting for?

How to become a VIP player?

Make sure you play a lot, and try to be polite every time you associate yourself with the site’s customer support etc. VIP players aren’t actually always selected by how much they play on the casino, but also how they interact with the people behind the site. Believe it or not, casino employees are also humans, and when you become a VIP customer, the interaction between you and the employees becomes way closer than it would be with a “normal” customer. 

When you finally achieve the VIP status you always wanted, make sure you take the full advantage out of it. Go on customer support and ask for weekly bonuses, lower wagering requirements and possible added benefits in terms of flight tickets, concert tickets, tickets to sporting events etc. You’d be surprised how far the key account managers are able to go in order to keep you happy. 

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