SCOOP 2021

It’s SCOOP time!

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SCOOP (Spring Champions of Online Poker) is back again! One of the world’s most prestigious online tournament series (WCOOP & SCOOP) is back again. SCOOP series of tournaments will start April 4th and end April 28th of 2021. This year’s series will have a prize pool totaling 100 million dollars over 102 different tournaments – wow. 

Look out for the Main Events

Pokerstars have told us earlier, that there will be a total of 6 Main Event tournaments, with following structures:

  • No Limit Hold’Em – 8max High – $10,300 – $5M GTD
  • No Limit Hold’Em – 8max Medium- $1050 – $5M GTD
  • No Limit Hold’Em – 8max Low – $109 – $3M GTD
  • Pot Limit Omaha – 6max High – $10,300 – $1.25M GTD
  • Pot Limit Omaha – 6max Medium – $1050 – $750K GTD
  • Pot Limit Omaha – 6max Low – $109 – $350K GTD

Pokerstars adding $1,6M in extra cash prizes & giveaways

Pokerstars have also told that there will be added 1,6 million dollars in different prizes, giveaways & campaigns. This is projected to grow the SCOOP biggest it has ever been, in terms of participating players. Exciting times to say the least!

How to get tickets to SCOOP events?

If you don’t have the bankroll for it, we suggest you familiarize yourself with Pokerstars satellite system. Smaller satellite tournaments will run from throughout the whole tournament series, and those tournaments are a great way of getting tickets to Medium / High events. 

Tickets can be won from:

  • SCOOP Ticket Machine
  • SCOOP Fast Track
  • Spin & Go’s
  • Women’s Sunday

What can we expect from SCOOP 2021?

Will an action packed schedule like this, grinders are seeing a total of $15 Million in guarantees. Considering the current boom in the world of poker, its very likely that the total prize pool will end up far higher than this. GGPoker are the current Guinness World Record holders when it comes to the worlds largest prize pool for an online tournament with their WSOP 2020 event with a $27.5 Million prize pool. Even though the chances of Pokerstars shattering this with their main even would seem fairly low, players are surely in for a treat regardless.

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