Bolton Wanderers stadium

Bolton Wanderers cuts betting ties

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Bolton Wanderers Football Club, a professional football club based in England, has announced a decision to cut all on-site betting advertisements at the University of Bolton Stadium and enter into any new commercial partnerships and sponsorships with gambling industry firms.

The club said in a statement on Thursday that the only gambling-related promotion they would be involved with are those they are contractually obliged to – the EFL is currently sponsored by Sky Bet.

The English club played in the Premier League from 2001 to 2012, being sponsored by 188Bet for four years of this period. The team has also been sponsored by Spin & Win and Betfred in recent years.

In addition, the chief executive, Neil Hart, also said plans to support charities that help people who are addicted to gambling.

Neil Hart commented: “We recognize that some people do want to bet and also that the league has a commercial partnership with a gambling company in place – and we are respectful of this.

“However, we will not take part in any activity to promote gambling outside the existing EFL contractual requirements.

“As a club which is at the heart of our community, we want to support those who are suffering as a consequence of gambling addiction.”

“Wanderers will continue with its club lottery as the fundraising income supports “good causes and supporter engagement projects”.

Gambling sponsorship bans in the UK

Betting operators are likely to disappear from the front of football jerseys in the UK. The UK Government plans to ban betting firms from sponsoring football shirts following its review of gambling laws.

The upcoming ban on front-of-shirt sponsorships for bookmakers will become part of the white paper the government will release this winter.

The government is also considering other options to impact gambling advertising as part of the ongoing Gambling Act 2005 review, including a ban on betting advertising on pitchside hoardings and TV commercials is under consideration but is less likely at this stage.