Swedish court overturns injunction against Kindred

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A Swedish court has upset a Spelinspektionen administering against the Kindred Group’s Spooniker auxiliary according to the nation’s SEK5,000 (£422.4/€489.4/$581.2) store cap.

The controller gave directives against both Kindred and horse racing monopoly AB Trav och Galopp (ATG) in December 2020. It noticed that customers were able to deposit more than SEK5,000 to play with online in a month at Kindred and ATG locales.

When the issue was brought up, Kindred said that they in fact enforced the requirement and capped customers in accordance to the law for licensed Swedish operators. Customers with a higher limit than the allowed SEK5,000 were allowed to only use these funds in the sportsbook. If the customer tried playing casino games, the limit would then have to be set to a lower level.

Spelinspektionen pointed out that if a player were to set a high limit, deposit more funds and then straight after lower the limit again, the player would then be able to circumvent the SEK5,000 cap.

Because of this loophole, a fine of SEK1m per week was issued, for every week that the problem was not solved.

Kindred immediately appeared the ruling at the Administrative court in Linköping, who ruled that the law refers to deposit for online casino and does not necessarily mean actually deposits. As a result of this, It was ruled that Kindred was not in violation of the regulation, and the injunction was overturned.

The maximum cap for deposits was set into action in July 2020 and was intented to last throughout 2020. It was however extended and is at this point set to last up until June 2021.