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Vanessa Kade brought down the Sunday Million and 1,514,920 dollars

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Canadian professional poker player, Vanessa “Niffller” Kade has won the 15th anniversary Sunday Million (Pokerstars) that netted her a whopping 1,5 million dollars. What makes this really special, is the fact that in the tournament’s history, 1,5 million top prize is the biggest there’s ever been. 

The field of 15th anniversary Sunday Million had a total player pool of 69,876 players, which makes Kade’s win even more impressive. It’s safe to say, she was stoked after the tournament ended:

“We just beat a field of 69,876 to win $1.5 Million. It feels impossible. This is the best day of my life. It’s not close. All the pain was worth it, the dream is real.”

HU paid both players over a million dollars

Here’s the final list of TOP 3 finishes on Sunday Million – 15th anniversary:

  1. Vanessa Kade – $1,514,920 (Canada)
  2. Talibenes – $1,035,358 (Poland)
  3. PanchoVetin – $707,640 (Bulgaria)

It’s also quite remarkable, that there was no deal made between the last three players left on the table. It’s highly unusual, as the stakes were so high. It was all written in the stars when Vanessa Kade started the HU against Talibenes who only had 15 BB’s when the HU started. 

Congratulations Vanessa for this amazing performance!

Scoop 2021 just around the corner

The Sunday Million at Pokerstars has been a staple tournament most online tournament pros for some time, making people rich ones a week. Starting on the 4th of April however, Pokerstars has something else up its sleeve. SCOOP (Spring Champions of Online Poker) is back once again to make some new millionaires or bump up the balance of the ones that already are. All in all over $15 Millions are up for grabs in guarantees, making this an even that Vanessa Kade is likely to get it on as much as possible.