Will there be a day when FaceID makes deposits?

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Pay N Play – More like Touch N’ Pay?

In case you haven’t noticed, the majority of casinos regulated in the EU are now offering something called “Pay N Play”. This originates from the fact that most of the players in the EU are currently able to deposit by using just their banking credentials, removing the need for an old fashioned registration process. 

It isn’t a surprise that iGaming has all these innovations early in their life cycle, as the niche is highly competitive, and operators are always looking out for ways to separate them from their competitors. Also, it helps if you have basically endless resources and budget for it! Most gambling companies own big in-house departments of IT professionals, developers and analysts – this definitely helps create custom tailored innovations that help the companies thrive. 

Facial recognition & fingerprints 

As you might already know, many of the current gen smartphones such as iPhone support facial- or fingerprint related recognition softwares. For online casinos, this could mean that in the future you’re able to login, deposit, or withdraw (or perform any other account related actions) just by simply letting 3rd party software recognize your facial ID / fingerprints. It’s also a bit scary at the same time, but we’ll leave the negative speculation about cyber security for another time. 

Look out for these innovations in the coming years:

  • Face ID for quick registration
  • Virtual Reality check-ins / registrations
  • Fingerprint recognition and “Touch to Pay” -concepts

Biggest issues?

As with all sensitive information, data security is a big concern. It’s true that face ID’s and fingerprints are harder to steal than a password, but the consequences could be devastating, if a bigger data breaches ever happen. This is not something you should be afraid of, but it’s always good to be somewhat skeptical when personal data is being handled by entities you don’t know beforehand.