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Thai Gambling Raid leads to multiple arrests

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53 persons were arrested in a morning raid led by Chinese Soldiers on Monday. The law enforcement raided a house suspected of running illegal online gambling operations in the Muang district and reports are saying that the group was made up of 40 Chinese nationals, 12 Burmese and 1 Filipino.

The raid was executed by the Infantry Company 721 Commander, Captain Nithinan Thanancha.

In total. 300 phones, computers and other assets were seized as evidence, while police also confirms that cartons of cigarettes that has been smuggled into the country has been recovered. Police also says that they had spent over a month investigating the operation as the group had rented a full resort and hired locals as bodyguards and security.

The initial suspicions came from the Local Crime Supression Division, which claimed that the resort was being used as a call centre for an online gambling network, where Chinese nationals could phone in their bets to the group which in return would place the bets for them.