Transparency – The future of iGaming

Reading Time: 2 minutes

It seems that if you take a discussion forum and browse for whatever online casino you can name, you’ll see tens, if not hundreds of posts about “cheating” and casino’s doing all sorts of shady stuff. For a new player, this kind of information might be hard to filter, as they have no previous experiences from the world of online casinos. How would you feel if you were buying your first car and everything you read about it says there’s something wrong with it? Would be pretty hard to convince yourself into buying that car, right?

Transparency for some reason has been a taboo within iGaming for a long time. Although we’re happy to see some improvements for the past 3-5 years, the industry is still learning how to cooperate with its consumers. Obviously learning about your customers should be a priority number one, regardless of the industry, but when it comes to money, gambling, and casinos, trust is everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. 

Companies that take transparency to a whole new level within the next few years will see positive impacts on their customer behaviours. 

One of the biggest issues is casino bonuses and their terms & conditions. Even if you haven’t played a single spin of a wheel in your life, you probably already know that there’s no such thing as “free money”. Customers are getting smarter each day and will demand more than ever before. And they have every right to do so, as they are the only reason online casinos even exist. 

Even all the mentioned points have been related to online casinos, there might be even bigger influencers onboard. Affiliates. Affiliates are often the first point of contact when a player searches for places to play or wants to redeem a first time deposit bonuses. 

Affiliates have a huge impact of what’s the first impression is about the casinos. Between affiliates the competition sometimes feels even tighter than it actually is between real casinos. Flashy neon lights, big “CLICK HERE” signs etc. are stuff that affects modern consumers in a negative way. If you’re asking people to click your link, they will ask WHY instead of HOW. Whoever explains the WHY with the most transparent way, will succeed in the future.