KSA accepts licenses

The Dutch Gambling Regulator KSA receives 28 license applications

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The Dutch gambling regulator (KSA) has received 28 license applications to offer online games of chance in the Netherlands

The license market will open on October 1st and all companies that have applied for the license and met the license requirements will receive a license to operate in the Netherlands. License requirements include adequate policies to prevent game harm and can be considered a healthy company that handles player transactions with responsibility.

The KSA Chairman of the board, René Jansen, is delighted with the initial numbers of applications and says; “The intention of the law is to channel players from illegal providers to legally reliable providers. With this number of applications, I am confident that there will soon be a sufficiently attractive and varied offer to achieve this objective.”

By obtaining a KSA License a license holder can use it to offer casino games via various websites and the permit application will only be processed once the fee of 48,000 euros has been paid.