Rising stars of England – Declan Rice

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English football fans are getting very excited about the upcoming Euro 2021 tournament. Gareth Southgate’s England is looking as strong as ever, and there is some serious talent dedicated to bringing the cup back to England. 

We all know the attacking superstars like Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Raheem Sterling, but what about the midfield? England has a strong squad from top to bottom, but one of the key players will probably be West Ham’s Declan Rice. Aggressive, fast, high stamina – Declan Rice will become the motor of a well oiled machine, that is called the England’s national team. 

“He is a fantastic player to work alongside with. He wants to develop, and he wants to be the best midfielder in the world” -Gareth Southgate, 2021. 

Declan Rice – already one of the best in the world?

Some analysts have already said that Declan Rice is the top 3 central midfielder in the world at the moment, which is not too far away from the truth. If you look at Rice’s stats, he is outperforming almost every single midfielder in the world, and he’s doing it in West Ham – imagine that. The young star has already been rumoured to a number of clubs, including Manchester United who were according to 90 min, were willing to trade off Nemanjo Matic, Phill Jonas and Jesse Lingard this summer. Considering Declan surely is West Hams best and most consistent player, is is definitely the most important piece in the squad.

Declan Rice has only 13 national caps on his belt, but this will surely change in the future. England has a pretty strong midfield already, but watch Declan Rice become the world’s number one defensive minded midfielder in the next 2 to 3 years.