Abiodun Oyegoke

Tennis players tried to fix matches, received lifetime bans

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Two Nigerian born Tennis players have received lifetime bans from professional Tennis. The International Tennis Integrity Agency said in their statement, that these players broke their integrity rules in 2019. 

The Nigerian born players were 986 ranked (ITF Singles rating) Abiodun Oyegoke and unranked Bukola Popoola. 

It wasn’t made clear what were the exact actions of these two tennis players that received these bans, but it was stated that they broke clauses D.1.k and Clause D.1.e from the rulebook. 

What happens with your bets, if the match is fixed?

Many sports betting enthusiasts often think “what happens to my money, if the match was fixed?”. This is quite a complex situation, as many sports betting operators have different rules that they apply in situations like this. Most often than not, the match will be voided, meaning that you’ll get your stake back (if it’s within accumulator bet, then it will be set as odds of 1.00). 

However, if the match is fixed, this usually means that the information regarding that will often come way later than the day after. It can take months to reveal these kinds of things, which means all the bets have already been paid out. If this sort of thing ever happens to you, we’d suggest you contact your bookies customer support directly, and find out what’s their ruling regarding things like this. 

Common rules that sports betting operators use:

  1. If the match is cancelled, all bets are void within 24-36 hrs, if the match isn’t played on that time period
  2. If there are wrong odds (example too high), all bets are void when found out
  3. You cannot cancel your bets, no matter how nicely you ask the customer support